Pub to Pub?

Are you looking for some training advice for the Pub to Pub?
What I offer is real running advice, tailored for you with the aim of making your Pub to Pub run as enjoyable and successful as possible.

I can put together a programme if you are an absolute beginner. Or I can develop something to get you to Newport faster than last year. Whatever your programme, it will be just for you – and be designed around your life and your goals.

I am different from other coaches or trainers:

REAL running knowledge

I only coach running. I have run for over 30 years and coached for more than 10.
I do not do general fitness training – I provide real running training advice that works.

TAILORED training

I understand that everybody has other commitments in their life – and that fitting in a regular running routine is hard. I will tailor your training to your lifestyle and your goals.

LOCAL coach and training group

I have lived in Avalon, where our group trains, for more than 10 years. I know the area. I know the Pub to Pub course.

EXPERIENCE of the race

I have run the race multiple times.
I won the Pub to Pub on the old course in 1999.
And I have a couple of other top 3 finishes on the new course.
I love the race – the route, the support, the camaraderie.

Give me a call to see if I can be of help.

Tom Richardson

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