A Word About Drills

A couple of people have asked me why we do running drills at the start of each session.
I will try to explain here. Very simply, we do drills to practice running smoothly.

Here are a couple of pictures of me racing when I was (much) younger.

The colour picture is a 3,000m race when I was 17. I am in 3rd. My knee lift is good and my arms are tidy – what we practice with high knees. But check out the runner in 2nd. He was a 1500m runner – and I was a 5000m and cross country runner. Look at how high his heel comes through – exactly what we practice in “bum kick” drills. Guess who won that race? The runner in 2nd. His sprinting was much better than mine.

The black and white picture shows me running a Steeplechase – where you have to jump barriers and water. I am Number 1 – and Number 3 is my team-mate who ran for Great Britain at Steeplechase. Check out his arm position compared to mine and that of Number 2. See the strength and drive out of the water. Guess who won that race? Number 3.

Hope that helps. If not – just ask.


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