Run Group Week Seven

Run Group Week Seven

We had 28 runners today for a training session today.  After a very rainy couple of days, the ground was wet, but we got the training done OK.  The focus today was on fast finishes.  The objective was to get a feel for racing one against one at the finish of the race.

The Training

After the usual warm-up, the runners raced in pairs over 100m – with the winner getting a blue “wolf-band”.  After walking back, those with one band raced off in pairs and those without bands raced off again in pairs.  The fastest runners accumulated most bands and everybody got a chance to race six times.

What Have We Done So Far

So far this term, we have worked on even pace running (twice), fast corners and fast finishes.  They have done a pair of time trials, improved their agility and done some solid fitness training. We have two more training sessions before School Cross Country and we will continue to get the group ready to enjoy their day.

Local Races

If you want to get in a race before School Cross Country, here are a couple of local options:

Cliff Side Fun Run at Long Reef:  3km, 5km or 10km – this Sunday:

Park Run:  5km Free, timed event – every Saturday 7am Curl Curl:

Any Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about School Cross Country, please get in touch.


Videos of the Week:  World Records at the NCAA Champs

Whilst it is summer in Australia and outdoor Athletics is going on, in the Northern Hemisphere it is Indoor Track season.  We’ve had the Indoor World Championships in Birmingham and, in the USA, the NCAA Championships have just finished.  Indoor track takes place on a 200m track with tight, banked curves and this makes the racing fast and exciting.  Over the weekend, there were two new indoor World Records – in the 4x400m relay and the 400m individual event.


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