Run Group Week Five

Run Group Week Five

This week we followed up on our even paced running from last week – but with a different session.  Today’s objective was to get six bands of the same colour – representing the same pace run for each of six runs.  We had nearly 30 runners and a stand-out training session today – as everybody worked really hard.

What We Did

We split into two groups – 5/6 and 3/4.  Each group set off together and ran for one minute at the best pace they could achieve.  Depending on where they got to, they picked up a coloured band from the nearest bucket; Yellow, Red, Blue, Green or Pink.  On each of the next five runs, the aim was to get to the same coloured bucket of bands.  Most even running would result in five bands of the same colour.

Why We Did It

It allowed each runner to set their own goals and all could be successful in being consistent.  And it involved 6 x 1  minute of hard running.


We did a short warm-up so the dancers to get to class!  And an extended skipping session at the end.

Video of the Week:  1500m Commonwealth Games Trials

The Commonwealth Games starts in 35 days!  I’m sharing some more of the action from the Australian Athletics Trials that took place earlier in the month.  After last week’s look at the 800m, this week we have some 1500 metres races.  Four races in all – each with a National Title and places at the Commonwealth Games up for grabs.

First up, the Mens Wheelchairs.  The fastest of the four races and a really close battle.  Kurt Fearnley is my favourite Australian athlete of all time, so this one is my favourite.  A great race to watch if you only have 3 minutes spare.

The Womens wheelchairs was a very different race, but just as great.  Maddi di Rozario – what a superstar.

A fast race in the Womens 1500m final with a fantastic battle to the line between the 3rd and 4th fastest Australians of all time.  Bring on the Games . . .

And finally, the Mens 1500m.  A perfect example of how NOT to run a race – and how you can get away with it if you are the class of the field.  Lets hope he doesn’t repeat this in an Australian singlet in April.

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