Run Group Week Four

Week Four

This week’s focus was on EVEN PACE RUNNING.  The objective today was to give the runners confidence in their ability to judge their pace and set off steadily enough to finish strongly.  We had 26 runners today and they were very good at the session – much better than in previous years.  The weather was kind – cool and with a few drops of rain which made a pleasant change from last week.

We also ran a two lap time trial at the end of the session.

What Did We Do?

All runners set off  together at their own pace and ran for 45 seconds out and 45 seconds back – aiming to cover exactly the same distance out and back.  There was a whistle at 45 seconds to signal to all runners to turn around and another at 90 seconds to signal the finish.  Those that were closest to an even pace were rewarded with a blue band.  This was repeated six times.

Why Did We Do It? 

Running at an even pace is a really hard skill for kids at this age.  This session gives the kids the feeling of running consistently and setting off steadily.  It also provides a reward for a different skill than just running fast.  And with the warm-up and time trial, they covered a couple of kilometres without noticing.


Warm-up was hops, hurdles and agility.  And we also rolled in some dynamic mobility as well.

Extra Time Trial

Just to add to the fun, all the runners completed a 2 lap time trial this week.  We will revisit this later in the year to see how they have progressed.  The picture below shows the range of times put down by the runners on the day – but doesn’t identify any individual.


Video of the Week:  Commonwealth Games Selection Trials

In eight weeks time, the Commonwealth Games begin on the Gold Coast.  For the Track and Field athletes, the selection trials took place last weekend – in the Commonwealth Games stadium – combined with the Australian Championships.  With the double motivation of a National title and games selection on the line, there was some outstanding Athletics.  Over the next few weeks, I will post some videos of the best races from the trials.  Please share them with the kids and get them in the mood for the Games and for their own running.

This Week’s Videos

This week, I have focused on the 800m races.  In recent years, Australia has had a mminor renaissance in the 2-lap event with some great running, particularly at championships.  The two trials races were outstanding.

In the men’s race, most of the finalists had a qualifying time for the Comm Games – so it was a tactical race to see who could finish in the top 2 places for automatic nomination to the team.  After a slow first lap, it turned into a real burn-up. . .

In the Women’s race, it was a very different kind of race with a fast start, some outstanding times at the finish and a great race to the line. . .



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