Run Group 2018 Week Three


It was great to get the running group back together this morning.  Thanks for sending the kids along.  We had a good group of 22 runners this morning and we got straight back into it with a solid training session.  The weather wasn’t sunny but it was really hot and humid and there were a lot of sweaty kids at the end of the session.  A good early reminder to make sure they have a full change of clothes.

What did we do?

After warm-up we did 5 x 1 lap with progressive handicaps.  The group set off together and 5 x 1 lap with a recovery rest in between.  The first 4 back to the start on each lap received a blue wrist band.  On subsequent laps, those with bands started 20m further back – and increasingly further for those with 2, 3 and 4 bands.  As a result, the faster runners had to run faster and further to continue to finish at the front.

Why did we do it?

This is my go-to session for the start of the term.  The progressive handicapping means that the faster runners get to run increasingly further and eventually almost everybody finishes at the front by the end.  This keeps motivation and focus high and makes sure nobody feels left behind.

Warm-Up/ Warm-Down

We all did the warm-up together – with a series of hops, hurdles, and agility poles.  This provides both a warm-up and an opportunity to improve co-ordination as the year progresses.

Warm-down this week was skipping.

Video of the Week

The end of 2017 saw the end of Mo Farah’s career on the track.  After 10 successive World or Olympic titles at 5,000m or 10,000m, he has said that he will move up to the Marathon on the roads this year.  This week’s video is Mo’s final race on the track.  After an epic win in the 10,000m at the World Championships and a narrow defeat in the 5,000m, his final race was a diamond league 5,000m where he was out for revenge and it was a classic race.


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