Run Group Week Five Term Three

Run Group Week Five

Another great week of training and another new location.  This morning we headed down to Avalon Beach for some Hill Training.  It was finally warm – 22C and sunny – which was fantastic.  About 20 kids and Rich and Kylie to help out.  It is great running through the village with a big herd of kids on the way to the training location.


We warmed up on the grass.  Plenty of hops and hurdles.  And today we learnt how to run like Beautiful delicate fairies, Antelopes, Frogs and Bears.  Some better than others!  And then we had a group run down to the Beach.

The Session

We ran a short switchback circuit on the hill behind the bus stop.  Six reps – though the altitude seemed to affects some individuals’ ability to count and they suggested we actually ran seven.  The turns and hill kept the attention and, apart from a water stop in the middle, everybody got the work done well.

Then a run back and into school.  What a way to start the day!

World Champs

The World Championships wrapped up in London this week.  Some great photos here of some action from the Men’s 10,000m, Women’s 1,500m and Men’s Long Jump – as well as World Champ Sally Pearson.

Video of the Week

Video of the Week is from the World Champs.  After the men’s 10,000m last week, the highlight this week was the Women’s 3,000m Steeplechase.  It was a crazy race, won by one of the most exciting athletes on the world circuit at the moment, Emma Coburn of the USA.  Her hurdling is beautiful and her tactical brain is brilliant.  A well deserved Gold.

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