Run Group Week Three Term Three

Welcome Back

What a fabulous morning!  It was great to have the group together again today.  The weather started off very cold but the sun was beautiful and we soon got warmed up.

We had a fantastic turnout – 30 kids.  The atmosphere was fun and relaxed – a great way to start the term.  The group seemed to settle on some nice steady running – maybe a few people were a little bit tired and not used to the early start.

Congratulations to Jazz

A quick update from NSW State Championships.  Jazz was the one Avalon runner who qualified for the Sydney North team and competed at State Champs at the end of Week One.  She ran fantastically and finished in 45th place.  As I said to the group this morning, there are 690,000 primary school pupils across NSW, so 45th place is pretty impressive showing.  Well done!  We are all proud of you.

Today’s Session

We started off with a hops and hurdles circuit for warm-up – and it was definitely needed with the cold weather.

The session was our usual start of term session – handicap laps.  We split into 5/6 Girls, 5/6 Boys and 3/4 Boys & Girls – plus as 3/4 Shortcut group.  The session was 5 x 1 lap – with the first three back each time getting a wristband and starting 15m further back on the next lap.  That way, the fastest runners end up running progressively further.

Warm-down was double skipping – and then on to school

Great Group

The group this year is really great.  Consistent big turnouts, positive attitude and fun to be around.  Thank you for sending them along.

IAAF World Athletics Championships

The World Athletics Championships start on Saturday in London.  10 days of the best running, jumping, throwing and walking from all over the globe.  The first day has Mo Farah in the 10,000m – so check it out if you have Eurosport on your TV.



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