Run Group Week Nine Term Two

Last Training Session for Term Two

We again went down to the beach for today’s session.  Thanks to the kids for being safe around the village and at the beach.  After some hops and hurdles for warm-up, we ran as a group to the surf club and then completed 5 circuits of a flat sand route.  There were a few tired legs from Regionals and from a long term, so we didn’t push it.  After a wash-off, it was back to the field and on to school.

Fantastic Results from Regionals

We had seven runners from Avalon competing for Pittwater at Sydney North Regional Championships at Gosford yesterday.  This is a major event – with the top 6 runners from each of 12 Zone teams coming together to see who is the best team of runners in the North of Sydney.  Our region is one of the largest regions in NSW – with a total Primary School population of over 60,000 children, so this is a high level of competition.  Our runners did fantastically well, achieving the following places:

  • Hattie 13th
  • Marlena 29th
  • Lucy 35th
  • Isobel 53rd
  • Jasmin 2nd
  • Ava 60th
  • Jack 56th

These are great results and something to be proud of.  A special shout-out to Jas for making it into the Sydney North team for State Champs on 21st July.  She put a lot of effort into training this year and go a great result!

Term Two Wrap Up

We had a brilliant term of training.  Eight training sessions.  An average of over 30 runners per session (our highest ever).  A record turnout of 45 in week three.  Great results at Zone – with a second place overall.  Six qualifiers for Regionals and one qualifier for State.

More importantly, every week was full of fun and positivity and it was a privilege to be part of it.  Thanks for sending the kids along each week.

Videos of the Week

To wrap-up the term, two great mile races from Bislett Stadium, Oslo, Norway.

The “Dream Mile” is one of the most anticipated middle distance races every year – with the best runners from around the world gathering for this historic event.  This year’s race (which was actually a 1500m) turned up something of a surprise with a new British talent winning the race.  Great to see some changes in world athletics.

There was also an Under 20 Mile race, which was won by Norwegian Jakob Ingebritsen, one of three brothers who are shaking up middle distance racing at the moment.  He is only 16 years old and ran 3:56 for the mile to reset the world age record after becoming the first 16 year old under 4 minutes earlier in the year.  Inspiring.

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