Run Group Week Eight Term Two

Run Group Week Eight

After a bit of rain and a cold morning, we still had a solid turnout of 20 runners today.  I wanted to mix things up a bit – so we headed to a new location today.  Thanks Kylie for helping out with the group – made it really easy and fun.


We did the usual circuit of hops and hurdles and then went for a run together to Avalon Beach.  It is such a great feeling through the village with the group of kids – full of energy and enthusiasm.  And they are a really well behaved and safe group moving around together.

The Session

At the beach, we set up a short circuit on the soft sand with a a couple of little hills and plenty of corners.  This is hard going – especially if its not a regular place to run, so we kept the session short – with only four reps.  That was enough to get people working hard today.

The Return

After a wash-off and some minor complaints about having wet socks, we ran back through the village and then on to school.

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