Zone Cross Country 2017

Zone Cross Country is Run and Done

What a great day.  The weather held off.  The organisation was great.  The supporters were load and positive.  And the kids all ran their best.

Great Results Overall

Overall, Avalon School got:

  • 9 qualifiers for Regionals
  • 2 first places and 1 second
  • 2 team prizes
  • 2nd School Overall
  • 3rd Overall in the handicap competition (based on school size)

Great results from a lot of hard work.  More importantly, Avalon had:

  • 48 committed runners who all did their best
  • Commitment to fight for every place
  • The best supporters (both parents and kids)
  • Another great day of running.

It was great to chat with a few of you about what the kids get out of the running group – thanks for coming over and saying hello.,

Race Report

The competition started with the 8 & 9s and the girls set the tone for the day with strong running against tough competition and scored two in the top 8, including one qualifiers for Regionals.  The 8 & 9 boys encountered a very committed Wheeler Heights team and ran hard against a strong field.

8&9 Boys:  Hamish 10th, Archie 30th, Koby 34th, Zac 48th, Ryder 49th, Eden 54th

8&9 Girls:  Hattie 4th, Summer 8th, Tahli 21st, Poppy 26th, Layla 33rd.


In the 10s, a fantastic result for the Girls with three qualifiers for Regionals and a First Team prize.  Lucy was clearly on a mission from the start and was rewarded with a big win.  The boys followed up with tight packing for all 6 runners.

10 Boys:  Jasper 10th, Toby 13th, Fletch 21st, Clint 22nd, Josh 42nd, Mathias 49th

10 Girls:  Lucy 1st, Marlena 4th, Isobel 6th, Charlotte 11th, Mischa 17th, Holly 21st


The 11s all ran fantastically with both boys and girls pushing for team honours – the girls getting First Team and the boys just missing out.  Jasmine followed Lucy’s lead in the 10s with a runaway victory.

11 Boys:  Curtis 8th, Jai 9th, Oliver 12th, Max 13th, Hudson 17th, Oliver 27th

11 Girls:  Jas 1st, Ava 6th, Lily 8th, Grace 10th, Claudia 33rd, Halle 37th


The last two races of the day had Avalon pushing for team prizes and just missing out, but qualifying 3 runners for Regionals.

12 Boys:  Jack 2nd, Kai 8th, Kyan 18th, Whiley 22nd, Finn 23rd, Nathan 26th, Tom 28th

12 Girls:  Lucy 4th, Amelia 6th, Rubu 9th, Maya 12th, Ava, Claudia


Brilliant running from everybody.  Well done.

The overall team scores were:

  1. Mona Vale
  2. Avalon
  3. Newport
  4. Wheeler Heights
  5. Collaroy Plateau
  6. Bilgola Plateau
  7. Narrabeen North
  8. Eleanor Heights
  9. Narrabeen Lakes

The handicap results (weighted for school size) were:

  1. Mona Vale
  2. Wheeler Heights
  3. Avalon
  4. Narrabeen Lakes
  5. Bilgola Plateau
  6. Collaroy Plateau
  7. Newport
  8. Narrabeen North
  9. Eleanor Heights

Happy Running!



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