Run Group Week Three Term Two

Biggest Ever Group

Today we had our biggest ever turnout – 45 runners.  The session today was “Colour Runs”.  This is turning out to be one of the favourite sessions for the group.  It’s focus is on running at an even pace – and we did 6 repetitions this week (nearly 2km of fast running for those at the front).

The Warm-Up

With this many runners, we split into two groups for warm-ups.  Claire took her group through some striders and drills and agility poles.  This was a positively received change.  Tom did some hopping, bounding and hurdles on a shortened course.  After swapping groups, we were ready for the session.

The Session

Three groups today; 5/6 Girls, 5/6 Boys and 3/4 All.  Each group set off and ran for one minute – with the faster runners running a full lap.  Towards the end of each lap there are coloured buckets with coloured bands at regular intervals.  On the finish whistle, each runner picked a coloured band out of the bucket they reach.  Over the remaining 5 repetitions, the aim was to reach the same bucket or better.

This is a solid amount of running at a consistent fast pace – so there were some tired legs towards the end.

The Warm-Down

A choice of skipping or 2 laps timed today.

Ready for Zone?

Zone Cross Country is next week at Narrabeen.  The Avalon runners are looking great and I can’t wait.  If you want any information about Zone or any suggestions for running or parenting on the day, give me a call or an email.  I look forward to seeing a few of you there on the day.


Video of the Week:  Nike Breaking 2

This week’s videos are from the Nike Breaking 2 Project.  This was a Nike sponsored attempt to run a marathon in under 2 hours – nearly 3 minutes quicker than the world record.  The run involved many innovations, including new shoe designs and continuous pacing by 6 other runners (which means it won’t qualify for a world record).  The pace team was made up of 18 other world class athletes from around the globe.

The end result was 2:00:25 – nearly 2 1/2 minutes faster than had ever been run before.  But is also delivered one of the most astonishing pieces of coordinated running by some of the world’s best.  Eliud Kipchoge’s run is an astonishing piece of athleticism.  I spent a very happy Saturday afternoon watching the live stream.

The videos linked below are pure Nike marketing – but that doesn’t stop them being inspirational as well.  Enjoy . . .




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