Run Group Week Two Term Two

I Can’t Stand the Rain!

We all got a little bit wet today.  We had a fantastic turnout of nearly 40 kids.  I think they knew there was some weather coming – there was a bit of a buzz in the group this morning!  Plenty of energy in need of somewhere to focus – which we provided.

There were three parts to today’s session:

  • Warm-up over hops & hurdles
  • Check out the group’s progress with a 2 lap time trial
  • Do some faster running over shorter reps

Time Trial – Completed

We got through the two lapper.  33 individuals set faster times than before (including lots who hadn’t done this before) and 4 were within seconds of their previous fastest.  Great to see the progress.

5 x Half Lap – Interrupted

We then tried to do 5 half lapper – with the aim of enjoying running a bit faster.  We got through four and then the rain set in.  One final quick sprint under cover and we were done.


Posted in Avalon School, Kids, May 3rd, 2017

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