Run Group Week Nine

One More Sleep till Cross Country 

One more sleep to go – and then it is School Cross Country.  I will see all the runners there and, hopefully, a few of the parents too.  Please come over and say hello at some point during the day.  I will be the one smiling with enjoyment at all the fantastic running (and wearing the Avalon Running T-Shirt).

See you there are the new start time of 10am.

This Week’s Focus:  Starts and Finishes

For the last training session before the School race, we focused on the two things that the kids talk about being worried by – starts and finishes.  After the usual warm-up, we did 3 x 1 lap with a focus on getting the start right.  The focus was:

  • Stay behind the line and listen for the start
  • Assertive body language (stand tall, make a big shape and S-M-I-L-E)
  • Don’t worry about being first at the first corner.

After that, we did a twofast finishes – with a focus on getting faster towards the line and running right through the finish.

It wasn’t a massive training session – enough to get the blood flowing and the legs ready for tomorrow.

This week, we were joined by a new coach – Yvette – who is joining the group for a few sessions to see what we can share from the group and what she can bring from her recent fitness education.

Race Day

Tomorrow, remember:

  • You’ve trained hard all term
  • Use what you’ve learnt:  even pace, corners, confident start, strong finish
  • Enjoy it!

Our aim at the beginning of term was for 40 runners to enjoy their race at School Cross Country – I am looking forward to that becoming a reality tomorrow.

Happy Running!

Video of the Week – World Cross Country Championships

It was the World Cross Country Championships in Uganda last weekend.  This takes place every two years and is probably the toughest running race in the world to win .  This year’s mens race was an absolute classic.  The 20 min video below is one of the most amazing races I have seen.  Our sport is fantastic when it is run like this.



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