Run Group Week Eight

It was WET Again!

When will it stop raining!  We had a record turnout for 2017 today, but it was very difficult finding some dry-ish grass to run on.  Well done to almost all the group for coming with a change of clothes – it was definitely needed after some splashing.

This Week’s Focus:  Corners

This week’s focus was all about CORNERS.  Why?  Because the Avalon cross country course has more corners than most.  The turn at the start, round the gate, around the top of school, round the classrooms, back and around on the Hill, past the buildings into the finish.  There are more corners than there are straight lines.  It even finishes on a corner!  So it is a good skill to learn.  It is also a great way to get away from other runners.

The Technique:  Slow in Fast Out

What are we trying to teach the kids:

  1. Use corners to get away from other runners
  2. Use corners to catch up other runners
  3. Slow into the corner and accelerate out
  4. Use your arms to drive
  5. Have fun!

The Session:  Zig Zags

We split the group into pairs and raced off against each other on a zig-zag course.  Seven repetitions later, there were more skilled, more enthusiastic and more tired.

With some hops and agility warm-up and a bit of skipping, it was a good, hard session for the week before School cross country.

Video of the Week:  Wilson Kipsang Berlin Marathon

The theme for this week’s video of the week is Racing!  This one gives me goose-bumps.  Wilson Kipsang, one of the world’s best marathon runners, speaks about preparing to race and what it really feels like to give your all in a race.  And then run 2h03m.  Watch, listen and do this in your races.



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