Run Group Week Seven

The Magnificent Seven

We said we were going to run the training group regardless of the weather.  And we did!  The forecast was bad and, for once, it was right.  There was a moment of blue sky and then rain, rain and more rain.  But we got seven takers.  Well done Lucy, Lucy, Kai, Jasper, Ella and Charlie.  The magnificent seven (plus Tom and Kate).

The Session

We did some jumps and agility whilst we waited to see who else would turn up – and then decided to just go for a run.  We don’t often get to just go for a run with the big group we have each week, so this made a nice change.

We ran through Avalon, up the Yellow Brick Road to North Av and then back (with a hill sprint and a lot of puddle jumping along the way).  We had some time to kill, so it was Hot Chocolates for everybody (thanks @thesneakygrind) and some stretching.

Then on to school.  Simple, fun and a great way to start the day.

Happy Running!

Videos of the Week:  Two Ways to Win a Race

This week’s Videos of the Week show two very different ways to win a race.  In Europe and USA, it is indoor track season.  Indoor track is raced on a small 200m oval with banked bends.  This makes for close, physical racing and it rewards those runners who are prepared to commit themselves hard and really go for it.  It was the European Championships in Belgrade last weekend.  Laura Muir of Scotland is the in-form middle distance runner in Europe at the moment and she was entered in the 1500m and 3000m.

In the 1500m final, she went straight to the front from very early in the race – and dared anybody to go with her.  From that point, she was committed to not letting anybody past her.  And she dominated the race:

In the 3000m, maybe the other runners thought she would do the same thing.  Instead, she sat in and let somebody else do all the work.  Then she struck near the end and was just as devastating as in the 1500m:

Two very different tactics, but both executed to perfection, with commitment and grit.  Beautiful to watch. . .

Last Week’s Video of the Week

In case you missed it, week five Video of the Week is here:

And week six is here:


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