Run Group Week Four

Week Four

This year’s group of runners is turning out to be really great.  We had another strong turnout of 35, despite a Year 3 excursion, and welcomed three new group members.  There are plenty of personalities and it is definitely a fun group to work with and every individual works hard.  What a great start to a Wednesday!

This Week’s Focus 

Week Four built on the foundations of Week Three.  In Week three, the runners learned to pace themselves throughout a 90second effort.  This week, we took that one step further and the aim was to run six efforts at the same speed.

The course was marked out with coloured zones, each with a coloured bucket of bands.  On rep one, the aim was to run at a pace that you could personally sustain through all six repetitions.  On the one minute whistle, each runner stopped and picked up a band corresponding to where they got to – red for the fastest, then blue, yellow, green and pink.

Repetitions two through six were then completed with the aim to reach the same zone and complete the same distance.

Warm-Ups and Downs
The usual agility and hops circuit was completed – with high knees drills now being fully mastered by the whole group.  Next week – time to move on . . .

The optional 2-lap time trial was again on offer.  After a big session, there were a handful of takers – showing continued progression on speed (see attached graphic showing all times posted for the group over four weeks).





Video of the Week – Nitro Athletics Elimination Mile

Last week, Melbourne hosted “Nitro Athletics” – a three day team track and field competition with some creative events organised.  One of the most fun was the “elimination mile”; four laps of the track with the last athlete on each lap having to drop out –  leaving only two to battle it out on the last lap.  That is a brutal way to race – with everybody needing to sprint every lap just to stay in.   Great to watch though.



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