Run Group Week Three

Week Three was Brilliant!

What a fantastic group we have for 2017 Run Group.  Today’s session was so great – with 35 positive and enthusiastic kids.  It is one of the highlights of my week to be around so much positive energy and commitment.  Each individual runner is bringing their best and showing improvement already.

This week’s Focus

This week’s session was all about running at an EVEN PACE.  The main part of the session involved running for 45 seconds (until a whistle), then turning and returning to the start.  The objective was to cross the start line exactly on a second 45 second whistle, having run the out and back sections in identical times.

For the older group (Years 5 and 6), this is a session that they have done before – and there was a tightly packed group running on even pace.  For the Years 3 and 4, it took a while for them to understand the challenge and adapt their running pace.  By the end, this group was getting close to even pace too.

Warm-Ups and Warm Downs

Warm up was hops and hurdles, as usual – though we are starting to mix in some running drills too.  This week, it was high knees and arms.  We will expand this over coming weeks

We finished the day with a two-lap time trial for the whole group.  It was good to see further improvements from the original group and for the rest to put down a marker.

A Word About Our Coaches

This year, you will see that we have three coaches for the group.  So who are they and how do we work together?

Tom:  Level 2 Advanced coach with Athletics Australia.  Provides the structure for the program and for each week’s session.  Experienced competitive runner.

Claire:  Level 1 coach with Athletics Australia.  Claire brings fantastic focus on each individual in the group and a psychologist’s perspective on fun and motivation.  Her insight into what makes each person tick is a fantastic asset for the group.

Kate:  Newest coach for the group.  Experienced runner and parent with great rapport with the older kids.  Brings energy, enthusiasm and encouragement to the group.  Occasionally talks about CrossFit, but we are helping her with her addiction.


Video of the Week

The Video of the Week is Kurt Fearnley.  My all time favourite athlete in any sport – such an amazing, driven individual.  A great short interview about motivation and resilience.

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