Run Group Week Two

Week Two – and a fantastic turnout.  As I was driving to work after running group, the skies opened and the rain that threatened to disrupt training came down in buckets.  We had 35 runners lucky runners this morning and we just avoided the downpour.  Thanks everybody for your patience waiting for the weather report and then turning up with enthusiasm.

This Week

This week’s session  was a repeat of last week.  The session has two aims:

  • Get an understanding of the relative fitness levels of the individuals
  • Provide a good workout for all runners without any getting too far ahead or behind.

After splitting the group up by age and gender, we ran 4 or 5 x 1 lap, with the first three home on each repetition receiving a 15m handicap on the next lap.  This week we pre-handicapped some of the faster runners to give them a harder mark to start from.

Warm-up was hops, hurdles and agility.  We introduce this to:

  • Provide a warm-up
  • Improve the runners’ coordination and balance
  • Develop strength and  responsiveness

Once again, the close-out was a choice of skipping or 2 lap time trial.  We had 10 takers for the 2 lapper – and all 10 went faster than last week.

So What do we do for the Rest of Term One?

Term One training is all about preparation for Cross Country.  We aim to have everybody enjoy their day of running at the end of term.  We build into the training a number of themes that the runners can bring to the race, including:

  • Improved fitness
  • Even paced running
  • Corners
  • Finishing fast
  • Running with others
  • Managing the start
  • Keeping calm and confident.

You will see these themes built in through the term.

This Week’s Video

Each week, I will try to bring you something running related to think about.  Last year was Olympic year, so how about something from Rio?  My absolute favourite race from 2016 was the men’s 1500m.  I love the way Matt Centrowitz dominates the race and makes others run his way.  He is far from the fastest runner in the field but his tactics are amazing.  And Nick Willis from New Zealand is so strong.  He is the oldest in the race and comes through with amazing speed to grab a medal.  Brilliant running and great to watch.



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