Running Group 14 March

Our focus for this week was on RUNNING DRILLS. We do drills every week – and I wanted to spend some dedicated time with smaller groups making sure that these were being done well.

After a repeat of our “Alphabet Animals” warm-up, we split into three groups (Yrs 2-3, Yr4, Yrs 5-6) and did 10 minutes of one exercise, then rotated to another and finished with a third:

Drills: Claire took each group through a focussed session of running drills – including high knees, bum kicks and arm positioning. There was really great focus and a massive improvement in the quality of everybody’s movement.

Hurdles: I took the group through a hurdles session – with a focus on running over the hurdles with a straighter lead leg and a bent trail leg.

Shuttle Relays: Thanks to Helen for taking the middle group who did 10 minutes of shuttle relays.

Everybody in the group should be able to perform good quality training drills now. After some skipping, we sent 30 kids off to their classes after a very full training session.

Mr Mac’s Monday session was a little smaller than usual due to his other commitments and some school excursions. By popular request, he repeated the Beep Test activity and now has a second set of statistics to compare with last week.

This week, I want you to help the group with their preparation. I want to know your hints for School Cross Country day. The best suggestions will win a prize. I want you to tell me what you do to STAY MOTIVATED during a race. Tell me what you do or say or think – at the START of the run, in the MIDDLE of the run and at the END of the run. For example:

Start: I have done lots of training
Middle: Stay relaxed
End: Run with power.

Go to the bottom of this page, put your answer in the Comments section and click submit.
(Remember your CyberSafe rules – use your first name and first initial of your surname only.)

I’m looking forward to seeing your suggestions. . .


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