Running Group 7 March

This week was the best training group so far this year. This week’s focus was on learning to run at an EVEN PACE – and all the runners got better and better at this.

The group was:
BIG: 35+ runners again this week
HAVING FUN: Lots of smiling faces
FOCUSED: With almost everybody completing the full session
LEARNING: As we progressed, everybody got more and more even-paced
GETTING FIT: The faster runners covered up to 2km in the main session and the slower runners covered 1.5km.

The training session was:
Warm-Up: “Hops and Hurdles”
Drills: Bum Kicks + Knees
Session: “Out and Backs” – run for 45 seconds; stop for 10 seconds; run back for 45 seconds. Wolf Cards were awarded for the 5 runners with the most even-pace i.e. those that arrived back exactly on 45 seconds. We did 5 repeats.
Warm-Down: Skipping

Congratulations to our 2 Champions of even-paced running.

Your Questions
I thought I would take the time to respond to a few questions I have been asked by the kids or parents in the last few weeks:

(How) Should I Train In Addition to Monday and Thursday?
Go for a run 1 or 2 times a week if you have the time. Aim to run between 1 and 5 km and focus on running all the way, rather than stop-start. Aim to complete a little bit further than your race (2km or 3km, depending on age) comfortable.
Here are a few ideas for short runs around Avalon:

How Do I Improve My Running Technique?
Each week, we do running drills that focus on this area. At least one training session will have a more intense focus on drills. If you want to do some work on your own, here are a couple of links with basic ideas:
Running Drills Explained:
A Word About Drills:

Will Running Group Continue Beyond This Term?
YES. There will be a break for school holidays and then training group will be back if there is enough interest. We will know who is in the school team for Zone and then who gets to Regional and State championships. But the group will continue to be open to all who want to come along.
As we get towards the end of Term 2 and into Term 3, we will start looking forward to School Athletics Carnival as well.

Some Photos
Finally for this week, a few photos of the group running. Here they come . . .

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